Welcome to the 2023 Emerald City Classic!

Upper Division:

Knoxville Cyclones B 2.0
Phoenix Daddy Hunters
San Francisco Sharks
Seattle Badgers B
Seattle Cascades
Seattle Phoenix

C Division: 

Seattle Badgers C
Seattle Knights
Seattle Revolution C
Seattle Wildfire
Puget Sound Pronouns
Portland Pitchslap
Portland Storm
Portland Grizzlies
San Francisco Furious

E Division: 

LA Bottoms Up
Las Vegas Renegades
Phoenix Batatudes
PS Retros
Seattle Badgers E
Seattle Rusty Nuts
Seattle Plastix
Seattle Ferries

D Division: 

LA UMad?!
PNW Batsquatch
Seattle Badgers D
Seattle Plastix
Seattle Rainouts

Seattle Revolution D
Seattle Sasssquatch
Seattle Shablam!
Seattle Silverbacks
Seattle Sinners
Seattle Sockeyes
Seattle Smoke
Seattle Stacy’s
Vancouver Brew Jays