1. Welcome to the ECC!
  2. Registration Party
  3. Awards & Closing Ceremony


Welcome to the 2024 Emerald City Classic!

Upper Division:

Arizona Toros
Seattle Cascades
San Francisco Fury 
Seattle Badgers B
Seattle Dragons
Seattle Revolution B 
Seattle Phoenix   

C Division: 

Portland Storm
Portland Grizzlies
Phoenix Base Invaders
Puget Sound Pronouns
Long Beach All The Gueys!  
Seattle Revolution C
Seattle Knights
Seattle Badgers C

E Division: 

Phoenix Bunkhouse Batatudes
Seattle Badgers E
Seattle Revolution E
Seattle Best Budz
Broads of NOLA
Seattle Warhawks E 

D Division: 

Denver Lumberjacks
Seattle Plastix
LB/OC Replacements
Seattle Revolution D
Seattle Sockeyes
Seattle Sugar Pops
Seattle Revolution Pitches 
San Francisco Bearbies
Portland New Tricks 
Seattle Badgers D
Seattle Deez Nuts
Sacramento Bolt Grizzlies
Seattle Sinners
Phoenix Bunkhouse Batatudes D
Portland PNW Batsquatch 
Austin, TX Saved By The Balls 
Seattle Sassquatch 
Seattle Silverbacks
Seattle Shablam! 
Seattle Rainouts
Seattle Warhawks D
Seattle Musubae
San Diego Shade